• 2018 August 27

    "Today, domestically manufactured components account for more than 70% of total newbuild cost": Denis Samsikov

    Russia is actively implementing its policy of import substitution, domestic manufacture of marine components and equipment. In a recent interview with IAA PortNews Denis Samsikov. Executive Director of Okskaya Sudoverf told about the percentage of domestic production of components for vessels under construction at Okskaya Shipyard and what Shipyard OKA JSC has undertaken to upgrade its own facilities with the help of local suppliers of domestic products.

    PortNews: “Mr. Samsikov, what is the percentage of locally manufactured components and products of ships being built at your shipyard, in particular, the ROB20-series barges under construction?

    Denis Samsikov: “The focus of Okskaya Sudoverf Shipyard’s policy is the best quality and performance characteristics of ships under construction and completing them on-budget, on-time. We keep an eye on suppliers of locally manufactured equipment and products complying with requirements of our company and our partners, and I would note the positive trends in this area. A significant part of products including metal armature, deck and power equipment, radio navigation applications, cables, has been already supplied by Russian manufactures and are highly competitive with imported products. We hope that this trend will continue. Imported products used in building ROB20-series barges account for up to 5%.”

    “We are set to continue partnership with domestic suppliers. We would be willing to get domestically manufactured and competitive propulsion main engines, steerable propulsion units, more locally produced energy and pumping equipment, modern marine coating solutions. However, the primary goal of our customers placing commercial vessel orders with our shipyard is commercial attractiveness. This requires that local suppliers supply high quality, reliability and competitive equipment and materials. Otherwise, neither the shipyard nor suppliers will be awarded contracts”.

    “The merchant shipbuilding market is highly competitive, and today supplies account for more than 70% of the total cost of newbuildings. This should be consider this, among other things, when developing state support measures for import substitution programs in civil shipbuilding”.

    PortNews: “Recently you have announced the implementation of the Global ERP system at the enterprise. Was the system developed in Russia?

    "The shipyard is constantly working to improve operating efficiency. Part of this program is the introduction of the Global enterprise resource planning, which was developed in Russia. We chose the Global system as it is well proven and had been successfully used at Russian shipbuilding enterprises, the tool developer's support and its cost, as well as the possibility of its integration with existing digital information systems”.

    “The implementation of this tool will enable us to optimize further the production processes to reduce the time and cost of building ships. Now we launch the ERP system pilot operation, and next year we plan to complete its implementation”.

    PortNews: “What are the plans of the enterprise for import substitution of its own equipment”?

    Denis Samsikov: “The policy of import substitution at Okskaya Sudoverft Shipyard is also implemented in other important segments of shipbuilding process. This year, our company installed the TERMIT, new modern plasma arc cutting machine, which expanded the yard’s steel processing capabilities and which is on a par with its foreign counterparts. Besides, we continue the assembly of domestically manufactured equipment at the casting shop, which should bring the quality of the products to a higher level.

    Interviewed by Vitaly Chernov