• 2019 May 30

    Port of Novorossiysk: Black Sea flagship

    For almost two centuries, the port of Novorossiysk has been a personification of national maritime industry’s power. On the day of 180th anniversary of Novorossiysk port’s Harbour Master Service, head of Black Sea Ports Administration Vladimir Yerygin answered the questions of IAA PortNews.

  • 2019 May 23

    ‘Platon’ comes to Neptune

    RF Government has approved the rules for collecting port investment dues at seaports of the Russian Federation. RF Ministry of Transport expects the new dues to cover the deficit of port infrastructure financing estimated at RUB 7-8 billion per year.

  • 2019 May 20

    Unfreezing the plans

    The draft plan for the development of the Northern Sea Route infrastructure till 2035 foresees the establishment of a unified container shipping operator and a national dredging company, construction of three nuclear-powered icebreakers of the Leader series and a refinery in the Murmansk Region as well as other measures. The Northern Sea Route is to become an all-year-round sea way. The plan can also include the requirement on using LNG as a marine fuel.

  • 2019 May 14

    Yury Kostin: “We should protect both the state rights and the business interests”

    Yury Kostin, Director of the State Policy Department for Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Transport Ministry, tells IAA PortNews about legislative changes related to stevedoring and shipping activities.

  • 2019 May 8

    Peotr Savchuk: “Numerous opportunities of the global ocean are not being used in full”

    Extensive plans of Russia’s fishery industry include the construction of new fishing, research and cargo ships as well as catching of new products and research of the global ocean opportunities. Peotr Savchuk, deputy head of Rosrybolovstvo (Russian Federal Fisheries Agency) tell about it in his interview with IAA PortNews.

  • 2019 May 6

    Containerization is underway

    Black Sea ports demonstrated a positive dynamics of container turnover in 2018. Novorossiysk slowed down its growth rates after a breakthrough of 2017 but continues containerization of more cargoes ensuring a higher flexibility for cargo owners and shippers. When speaking at the XV International Transport Forum YugTrans 2019, Aleksey Garmash, General Director of Novomorsnab LLC, told about the key trends in this segment.

  • 2019 April 28

    End of river shipping?

    The long-running dispute between inland shipping community and Russian Railways (RZD) over discounts during river navigation periods has entered a new phase. Oleg Belozerov believes the industry should decide on whether the country needs this “inefficient fleet”, with no guideline at hand for acceptable balance between the modes.

  • 2019 April 24

    Andrey Vakhrushev: “Our task is the development of the ports of Azov, Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog”

    The period of icebreaking assistance was completed at the ports in the Sea of Azov about a month ago with summer aids to navigation now having been deployed. Andrei Vakhrushev, Director of the Rosmorport’s branch in a recent interview told PortNews about this winter icebreaking season and its results, the maintenance and development in the basins of Rostov-on-Don, Azov and Taganrog ports.

  • 2019 April 17

    Regulatory barriers hinder development of seaports on the Don river

    Legislative framework is to be adjusted to ensure infrastructure development in seaports of Rostov-on-Don and Azov: the maritime status obtained in 2009 obliges them to apply maritime standards of design and construction while the conditions are typical for rivers.

  • 2019 April 12

    Sovcomflot: clean work

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on encouraging shipping companies to use environmentally friendly fuel. In Russia, a pioneer in this area is Sovcomflot which has a series of LNG powered tankers being built with several ships already in operation. They will be followed by construction of required infrastructure in Russia with relevant projects under development.