• 2017 August 16


    Russia charts 40 years of icebreaker progress

    Russia is this week celebrating the historic achievements of its nuclear-powered icebreaker fleet and has also announced project milestones for its latest vessels...

  • 2017 August 16


    Arctic Ocean thaw helps Russian shipping as old ice is blown west

    Russian shipping in the Arctic is benefiting from winds that are driving the oldest and thickest sea ice towards North America, further opening a remote region that is thawing amid global warming...

  • 2017 August 16


    13% growth for Black Sea container terminals

    The Black Sea container terminals of Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and Bulgaria saw growth of nearly 13% in H1 2017...

  • 2017 August 16


    VLGC asset values to fall in sync with freight outlook

    Given the weak freight rate outlook for LPG shipping over the next twelve months, Drewry believes there is more downside risk to the second-hand values of very large gas carriers...