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    2018 November 14

    Ukraine increases imports of Russian coal through the ports of Rostov

    In 2016, President Petro Poroshenko announced Ukraine’s intention to abandon Russian coal.

    However, as found the website “Oligarch”, Russia not only remained the main supplier of coal in Ukraine, but also is gradually increasing its share in consumption by Ukraine, reports “Apostrophe”.

    The “mere mortals” of the company to the pool of those who are allowed to buy coal in Russia, are not covered. According to experts, the import of coal from Russia are coordinated at the level of the high offices of the presidential administration. “Otherwise, you’ll stop at the border – Russia or our. Everything is tracked, you know, who goes where. But before the scheme is agreed at high levels, and obtained kickbacks” – said the head of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets.

    According to the data, which previously led the State fiscal service, for 9 months of 2018 Ukraine coal purchased more than $2 billion, or 15.4% more than in January-September, 2017. The fuel came from Russia, USA and Canada. If in 2017 the proportion of coal from Russia in monetary terms amounted to about 57% of total Ukrainian imports, but this year it exceeded 62%.

    As this occurs, said earlier the former head of South Western railway Alex Krivopishin: “Coal every day, four trains, it is possible to look through goods station Konotop, using overhead Railways, comes from Kuzbass on the route to the Western transition.”

    How do I find “the Oligarch”, in addition to the Railways of the Russian coal now load in the ports he goes to Azov from Rostov-on-don, Mariupol. This Rostov sea port in 2016 came under sanctions by the decree Poroshenko, because it “promotes terrorist activities and leads to the occupation of the territory of Ukraine”. So it was introduced “restriction of trading operations on the territory of Ukraine”.

    “Officials pompously “close” railway track for transportation of coal, but “fifth business column” opens the sea. Not paying attention to what port the sender is under sanctions imposed by the President. The government, however, remains how to do with it – “gray” charcoal stain laying, backed by both ruling and deposed clans”, – noted journalists.

    At the disposal of the “Tycoon” got the customs Declaration of 5 July 2018, according to which in Rostov seaport on the bulk carrier MV Helga, which sails under the Marshall Islands flag, has been downloaded 1.5 thousand tons of anthracite. Port of unloading the ship was listed Mariupol, freight forwarder – JSC “Donugol” (Shakhty, Russia), consignee – OOO “FPK “Resourcegroup” (Kiev, Ukraine). However, when entering to Ukraine according to the documents, the sender of Russian coal were already intermediary company of the Czech Republic – Commodities Trading s.r.o. decorated to a citizen of Hungary vladilena Miller.

    As journalists found out, “Resourcegroup” in turn sells coal to the company “Pobutservis Auto”, which officially sells auto parts in the town of Vyshneve near Kyiv. The same company imported coal in the amount of 3.26 million UAH from Rostov, OOO “Akut” (the contract holder has performed all the same “Resourcegroup”, producer – “TD Coal Technologies”). The latter company, as the media wrote, in 2015-2016 illegally exported coal from ORDO.

    And “Resourcegroup” and “Pobutservis Auto” – the only mediators in the intricate movement of Russian coal to Ukrainian home. But mediation provides them with good earnings. In July 2018, “Resourcegroup” imported from Russia about 6,65 thousand tons of coal at $983 million – as the sea (from Rostov to Mariupol) and the railway (from the Mines through the station Kupyansk).

    According to the journalists, 2017 and 2018 Russian JSC “Donugol”, “Acut” and OF “the West” has exported to Ukraine coal worth about $21 million.

    For example, the “Google” and regularly buys a lot of fuel company “Kramatorskteploenergo”. Over the last two years the imports in monetary terms amounted to $14 million.