• 2018 May 10


    Practical contributions to the development of autonomous sailing

    A great deal of debate and speculation surrounds autonomous sailing. While MARIN does not pretend to know all the answers, it is taking practical steps to assist in its development.

  • 2018 May 8


    Scrapping risks

    Traditionally, when a ship reached the end of its economic life, the owner sold it, often to a cash buyer, for scrapping with little consideration of the next step. Many ships ended up on a beach in south Asia (India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh) where they were cut apart and the metal was sold for scrap. The working conditions were sometimes dangerous and hazardous to the workers' health. In addition, little was sometimes done to protect the environment. For many ship owners these days, scrapping is (or should be) a matter requiring business considerations beyond the offered cash price.

  • 2018 May 4


    Zeebrugge Starts Simultaneous Yamal LNG Transhipments

    The Port of Zeebrugge in Belgium has facilitated its first simultaneous transhipment of Yamal liquefied natural gas...

  • 2018 May 4


    Floating nuclear reactor to power Russia’s Arctic expansion

    A 500’ floating nuclear reactor will power a port town and oil rigs in Russia’s far northeast...

  • 2018 May 4


    New port connecting China and Russia opens

    The port is located in Fuyuan City in Heilongjiang Province. It will be mainly used to export China's vegetable, fruits, agricultural products and engineering machinery to Russia, and import Russia's wood, soybeans and flour to China...

  • 2018 April 27


    Grand strategy: all along the polar silk road

    The release of China’s Arctic Policy white paper in January coincides with what the US National Snow and Ice Data Center describes as ‘the second lowest Arctic maximum [extent of Arctic sea ice] in the 39-year satellite record...

  • 2018 April 27


    Egypt, Russia to sign industrial zone agreement in May

    Egypt and Russia are planning to sign an intergovernmental agreement by the end of May to set up an industrial zone East the Port Said region and in the Suez Canal Economic Zone...

  • 2018 April 27


    SEA\LNG Statement: An International Approach to Reducing Marine-based Emissions

    SEA\LNG urges Norway to support and participate in internationally-coordinated policies to reduce shipping-related CO2 emissions...

  • 2018 April 25


    Russia Orders North Pole Platform

    The Russian Hydrometeorological Service has signed a contract with the Admiralty shipyard in St. Petersburg for the construction of a self-propelled North Pole research platform able to house 48 researchers and 12 crew...

  • 2018 April 25


    Cruise Europe says spasibo, St Petersburg

    The Passenger Port of St Petersburg Marine Façade hosted Cruise Europe Tuesday evening in one of its four terminals as around 140 delegates from North European ports and destinations...

  • 2018 April 25


    Shamkhani arrives in Russian port city of Sochi

    Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, the Secretary of Iran’s SNSC arrived in Sochi of Russia where he is slated to attend the 9th International Meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues...

  • 2018 April 24


    Ukrainian rivers can be closed for Russian vessels

    Ukraine may impose a ban on Russian vessels entering its inland waterways...