• 2019 January 22


    At least 10 dead as fire rages on Black Sea ships

    Ten crew died and another 10 were missing presumed dead in a fire that broke out on two ships while they were transferring fuel in the Black Sea...

  • 2019 January 22


    Lithuania LNG port aims to be Baltic hub, double flows

    ...Lithuania's Klaipeda liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal will more than double its LNG volumes once gas pipelines to Poland and Finland open after 2021...

  • 2019 January 22


    Commercial Shipping Scenario as Arctic Ice Melts

    A total of 5.7 million square kilometers (2.2 million square miles) of ice covered the Arctic in July 2018, according to the Colorado-based National Snow & Ice Data Center. Through the first two weeks of August, ice extent declined by 65,000 square kilometers each day...

  • 2019 January 21


    Making shipping a zero-carbon industry: How do we turn ambition into reality?

    ...if zero-emission vessels (ZEV) need to enter service by 2030 anyone planning to finance, design or build a ship in the 2020s will need to consider how it can switch to non-fossil fuel later in its operational life...

  • 2019 January 19


    GARD: Beware of local restrictions before discharging washwater from exhaust gas scrubbing

    The IMO considers exhaust gas scrubbers to be an acceptable means of reducing vessels’ sulphur emissions and ensuring compliance with MARPOL Annex VI. A separate guideline, Resolution MEPC.259(68), specifies the requirements for the verification, testing, survey and certification of scrubber systems and sets out the criteria for discharging scrubber washwater into the sea.

  • 2019 January 18


    Russian Sailors Captured In Gulf Of Guinea Alive, Pirates Demand Ransom - Trade Union

    The Russian sailors who were captured by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea are alive...

  • 2019 January 18


    Indiga port’s project may be presented in spring

    A project on development of the Indiga port in the Nenets Region will be presented within two coming months...

  • 2019 January 17


    Gazprom installs FSRU offshore western Russia

    Commissioning has started of Russia’s first floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) in the Baltic Sea, offshore the Kaliningrad enclave in western Russia...

  • 2019 January 17


    Russia looks to build ‘LNG Island’ to supply booming Asian market

    Russia’s largest LNG (liquefied natural gas) producer is looking to boost supply to the fast growing Asian markets by upgrading its facilities in the Far East...

  • 2019 January 17


    Russia’s main coal hub to EU sees 20% drop in exports

    Russia’s largest terminal for coal exports to Europe shipped 20% less coal in 2018 due to infrastructure maintenance...

  • 2019 January 4


    Small will be the new big for the LNG market

    Low prices, abundant supply and an aggressive shift towards cleaner gas for energy generation are creating strong demand for LNG, not just from large buyers, but also from small importers.

  • 2018 December 27


    Autonomy: The vision of autonomous shipping

    The end of 2018 provides an excellent opportunity to highlight some of the measures that have been taken by the maritime industry over the past year to develop a better understanding of autonomous shipping. A drive towards autonomous shipping has been embraced by many major players such as Rolls Royce and Wärtsilä, and this has led to numerous new strategies, visions, and projects that are pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. It’s no longer a matter of whether technology can achieve this next step, but rather how the technology is used to accomplish it, and what we need to do as an industry to ensure that autonomous operations are safe and efficient.