• 3rd International Conference «Icebreaking and support fleet»

    Dates:   2019 September 16

    Venue: Saint-Petersburg

    The Conference is meant to be a practical platform for discussions between shipbuilders, customers and contractors related to the fleet of icebreakers, tugboats and vessels providing bunkering and environmental services.
    The largest operators of towing/bunkering/search-and-rescue/icebreaking fleet, Russian and foreign shipbuilders, designers, shipping and stevedoring companies, state regulators are invited to participate.

    Key issues of the Conference:

    • Developing the market of port fleet services at seaports of Russia
    • State measures to support shipbuilding industry in Russia
    • Situation in the market of port fleet construction
    • State-of-the-art multi-functional vessels of auxiliary and technical fleet
    • Construction of icebreakers for seaports of Russia
    • Cutting-edge solutions for construction of ice-class tugboats
    • Status of emergency-rescue fleet at Russian seaports
    • Building the state-of-the-art bunkering fleet in Russia

    Contacts of the Organization Committee:

    Tel. (812) 570-78-03,  (812) 712-45-16 ,  (812) 712-45-01

    Fax (812) 570-78-03  mn@portnews.rusnitko@portnews.ru