• 14th Arctic Shipping Summit

    Dates:   2019 March 13 - 2019 March 14

    ACI’s 14th Arctic Shipping Summit will be taking place on the 13th – 14th March 2019 in Montreal, Canada. This edition will provide insight into the future of an market that is constantly developing and advancing: number of vessels, both cargo ships and cruise ships, operating in the Arctic due to sea routes opening further and the expansion of Arctic mining and extraction projects means that the Arctic has never played a more crucial role in global operations.

    The two day event will consist of a number of informative presentations followed by interactive Q&A sessions and panel discussions, bringing together key industry stakeholders including ship-owners, ship-managers & associated solution providers, coastguards and governmental transport authorities, meteorologists, consultants & technology providers. Join us in Montreal to hear from fantastic line-up of leading executives and experts the opportunities provided for ship owners and how to overcome practical challenges associated with Arctic conditions.

    Key Topics:

    • Operating Successfully in a Hostile Environment
    • Overcoming Practical Challenges to Reach Polar Code Compliancy
    • Freedom of Trade in the Arctic
    • Coordinating Global Aims for Arctic Development
    • Improving Communication Systems in the Arctic to Advance Shipping Capabilities
    • Keeping Up with Growing Demand for Vessels with Icebreaking Capacity
    • Shipping Opportunities Arising from Arctic Mining and Extraction Projects
    • Emerging Arctic Markets and Trade Routes
    • Updating Infrastructure in Line With Increasing Maritime Activity
    • Developing Arctic Tourism while Ensuring the Safety of Passengers, Crew and Local Communities and Wildlife

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