• Green Ship 2017

    Dates:   2017 April 7 - 2017 April 7

    “Green Ship 2017”, a seminar on Environmental Shipping Industry, will be held at The Orchid, Mumbai on 7th April, 2017.

    The “Green Ship 2017“ will focus on Innovative Green Technologies, Future Green Ports and Terminals, Green Ship Designs and Ship Building, Eco Friendly Containers, Ballast water treatment and Waste Water Management, Impact on IMO Emission Regulations.

    Ship Owners, Port Operators, Ship Builders, Naval Architects, Environmentalist, Marine Insurance Specialist, Marine Law Makers, Government representatives, Financial Institutions and Decisions makers of the Shipping Industry are expected to attend this seminar. Also above 300 delegates across the world from the industry are expected to participate.

    For delegates and sponsorship contact: Ms.Lijiya Jose, Mob:09323528980,Tel:022-27704403   gm@littoralindia.com.

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