• 10th Annual International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference (ICOPCE)

    Dates:   2017 April 25 - 2017 April 28

    The 10th Annual International Chemical and Oil Pollution Conference & Exhibition (ICOPCE) is set to bring together national oil companies, major shipping companies, terminals and port authorities, regional governments and specialist spill response companies for a common purpose in marine environment protection.

    Mr. Timothy Long, Managing Director, International Marine Transportation Singapore Pte Ltd, ExxonMobil will give the first keynote address on Protecting Tomorrow Today - Preventing Maritime Incidents and Responding with a No Regrets Principle. He will be sharing on how to ensure emergency preparedness through a robust global marine quality assurance program, adopting a “no regrets” position to emergency response and using a PEAR philosophy to approach incident response.

    Our second keynote speaker, Mr. Brian Sullivan, Executive Director for IPIECA, will also be sharing his insights on Underlining Shipping’s role in Safe Transportation and Global Environment. He will examine global pressures for the oil and gas industry and its consequences on environmental management on shipping. He will also evaluate low sulfur fuels as the new agenda for clean shipping and how new management tools can help prioritize and prepare for an incident.

    ICOPCE 2017 will focus on key themes revolving around:

    • Strategy in practice
    • Contingency management through collaboration
    • Emerging liabilities and claims
    • Risk estimation and planning
    • Hazardous cargo operations
    • Innovation and leadership

    With 10+ case studies and 4 strategic roundtables, attendees get to hear from leading owners and operators in the industry:

    Panel Discussion: The Challenge of Continuous Improvement: How much Planning and Preparedness is enough?

    Featuring speakers from BW Fleet Management, EURONAV Singapore Pte Ltd

    Mega Ships and Disaster Planning

    Featuring speaker from COSCO Shipping

    Case Study: Demonstrating Multi-Party Collaboration in Practice - Alyarmouk Incident

    Featuring speaker from VGroup, Singapore

    Container Shipping Perspective on Chemical Incident Preparedness

    Featuring speaker from CMA CGM, Singapore

    Reaching for the Next Level in Crisis Management, Leadership & Preparedness

    Featuring speaker from AET Tankers Pte Ltd

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