• 16th Vessel Efficiency & Fuel Management Conference

    Dates:   2017 June 21 - 2017 June 22

    ACI’s 16th Vessel Efficiency and Fuel Management summit will be taking place in Houston, USA on the 21-22 June 2017.

    With the recently enforced Emission Control Area (ECA) and fuel / sulphur regulations across the world as well as the Global Sulphur Cap of 2020 to be implemented, this conference will specifically focus on the regulations affecting vessel operations and companies in US Waters.

    Delegates will be drawn from  ship owners & ship managers, chartering companies and include CEOs, COOs, Managing Directors, General Managers, Vice-Presidents,. As well as:

    • Fleet Directors/ Fleet Managers
    • Technical Directors/ Technical Managers
    • New Buildings Directors and Managers
    • Superintendents
    • Operations Directors/Managers
    • Ports/Port Authorities

    The Summit will also be attended by Marine Equipment Manufacturers, Marine Solution providers, and fuel suppliers showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies.

    Key topics:

    • Effective Compliance with SOX & NOX Fuel Regulations and ECA for US waters & discussion of the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap
    • Low sulphur fuel & compliance; latest updates from MARPOL Annex VI with details IMO & US EPA regulation
    • Commercial and operational impacts for the shipping industry
    • Which fuel? LNG, HFO and MDO
    • Practical steps to improve overall vessel efficiency
    • Reducing vessel energy consumption
    • Improving Fleet Efficiency to Improve ROI and Latest Fuel Emission Technology Updates
    • Technology considerations to reduce SOx and NOx.
    • SCR (Scrubber) tech Efficiency modifications to existing fleets
    • Mechanical design options for fuel efficiency
    • Optimisation of Propulsion and engine management to reduce cost and improve ROI
    • Propulsion optimisation concepts for fuel reduction
    • Big data, data systems & data collection; software advancements to improve efficiency

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