• 5th Ship Recycling Congress

    Dates:   2017 July 26 - 2017 July 27

    ACI’s 5th Ship Recycling Congress will be taking place 26-27th July, 2017 in Singapore.

    The two day conference will consist of a number of informative presentations followed by interactive Q&A sessions, panel discussions and an open discussion to further involve the delegates. These talk will give a deep insight on the views shared from the different aspects of Ship Recycling. We will explore and discuss current and future possibilities within the market. Reviewing methods in increasing ship recycling profitability despite the low steel prices as well as looking into solutions in bettering dangers and health risks within South East Asian Ports. Topics will also include insights into new technological and practical systems for hazardous waste tracking.

    The delegates will be drawn from Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Coastguard and Transport Authorities, Shipbuilders and Shipyards, Designers, Repairing companies, Vendors and Subcontractors, Energy and Mining companies, Cash-Buyers, Shipbrokers, Recycling facilities, Regulators, Consultants, Researchers, Brokers, Financiers and Investors.

    Early Confirmed Speakers:

    • Keiji Tomoda, Associate Director, K. Line
    • Dr. C. H. Yeh, Chairman, Kuang Ming Shipping
    • Capt Rahul Varma, General Manager, Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd
    • Dr. Arun Dev, Senior Lecturer, Marine And Offshore Technology, Newcastle University (Singapore)
    • Capt KK Mukherjee, Director, NYK Bulkship (Asia) Pte Ltd
    • Allan Gao, Technical Manager, Grieg Green
    • Marc Van De Poel, Founder, Van De Poel
    • Gerhard Aulbert, Head Of Ship Recycling, DNV GL
    • Hari Narayan, Partner, United Maritime Law Chambers 

    Key topics:

    · Industry Boom – Keeping up with Recycling Demands & the Correct Choice of Yard
    · The Shipowners Conundrum
    · European Policies Restricting the Asian Shipyards
    · Recent Updates & Developments of Regional Shipbreaking Yards
    · Commercial Use & Cash Buyer/ brokers; Obtaining Peace of Mind
    · The Quality Gap
    · Increased Performance & Improvements within Asian Shipyards
    · The Next Step to Safer & Environmental Friendly Methods & Practices
    · Technical Processes to Ensure Complete End-of-Life Cycle
    · The European Effect & The Future of the HK Convention

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