• HRS: On-shore Power Supply seminar

    Dates:   2017 October 25 - 2017 October 26

    HRS: On-shore Power Supply – second edition of the seminar dedicated to the current state of development of the On-shore Power Supply (OPS) infrastructure in the Baltic region. 

    The seminar is organized in cooperation with the editor crew of the Harbours Review magazine and Actemium, under the patronage of the Baltic Ports Organization.

    Join the seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 25-26/10/2017 and discover everything there is to know about one of the key elements of the Baltic port industry’s “green agenda”.

    The second edition of the HRS: OPS seminar will further examine the ins and outs of this innovative technology, while at the same time considering the regulatory framework and investment opportunities driving its ongoing development.

    An exclusive study tour of Port of Gothenburg, showcasing the OPS technology in use is part of the event.

    Harbours Review Spotlight: OPS will be carefully followed and then summed up by the editors of the Harbours Review. Their commentary and evaluation will be sent out and made available to a base of over 40.000 stakeholders from the transport industry. The publication will prove an invaluable source of information on the current state of the OPS development in Europe.

    OPS is set to have a big impact on the port industry.

    Agenda highlights:

    • Market driven incentives for OPS implementation for both ports and shipowners
    • Investing in OPS – who pays what? Costs distribution between ports and shipowners
    • OPS – the best possible solution for reduction of local air pollution and greenhouse
      gas emissions?
    • Challenges and benefits surrounding OPS implementation
    • Removal of tax disadvantages for shoreside power – can it happen?
    • Meet the competition – main alternatives to OPS technology and how do they measure up against it
    • Technology showcase III
    • … and many more!

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