• Port Investments & PPP Course 2017

    Dates:   2017 October 24 - 2017 October 26

    The objective of the Port Investments & PPP Course – taking place in Dubai, UAE on 24-26 October - is to provide participants with a thorough understanding of how Port and Terminal Projects are developed from Concept to Financial Close. The course is organised by Port Finance International, the leading online news portal and community for the latest developments in port investment and operations, and in association with MTBS, the leading port and terminal strategy and transaction advisory.

    • Port PPP Development
    • Business Case Analysis
    • Transactions, Concessions, Contracts and Competitive Contract Awarding
    • Project Financing

    Participants are provided with a step-by-step approach to prepare the most suitable Public Private Partnership structure, a Business Case, Concession Contract and a Financing Scheme.

    The course will provide participants with an overview of a full-cycle port investment assessment. Steps in this assessment are connected to the relevant stages of port investments: Strategy Formulation, Project Valuation, Transaction Documents/Procedures and Investment Financing.

    All course materials have been fully updated and recent and relevant industry case studies have been included.

    Who is it for?

    The Port Investments & PPP course is developed as a tool for capacity building on three levels:

    • Corporate Level
      Managers and staff, members of public and private bodies involved in port and terminal developments (both entry level and mid-management)
    • Executive Level
      Executives (private) and policy makers (public) of ports in transition** Ports which are planning on involvement in port institutional reforms, including concessioning and privatisation
    • Academic Level
      University students, academic researches


    For optimal results, a certain level of experience is expected. The participants are required to speak English

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