• LPG Europe Summit

    Dates:   2018 March 7 - 2018 March 8

    The third edition of ACI’s LPG Europe Summit will bring together senior executives and experts from the LPG industry, as well as consultants, vehicle manufacturers and leading market analysts to discuss the latest challenges and developments within the LPG industry in Europe.

    By highlighting the key sector’s marketing and promoting instruments, the conference will provide a holistic outlook on current and future business trends and applications.

    Key Topics 2018:

    • A 5 Year Outlook On LPG Supply & Demand Trends: Comprehensive Analysis Of Market Needs
    • LPG Industry In The Global Context: Assessing Current & Future International Market Shifts
    • Evaluating Current & Future Market Status Of Key LPG Regions In Europe
    • LPG As A Crucial Alternative For Developing Markets: Expanding Future Business Opportunities
    • The Importance of LPG Competitiveness & Further Market Expansion: Making LPG More Attractive To Customers
    • Keeping LPG Industry Integrated & Independent: Avoiding Market Disorganisation
    • Assessing Key Market Applications Of The Future
    • Exploring Technology Advancements
    • Assessing The Future Of Bio LPG Production in Europe
    • LPG Supply Chains: Analysing Current Status Of Terminal Capacities Projects In Europe  & New Projects In Europe

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