• 17th Vessel Efficiency and Fuel Management Summit

    Dates:   2018 August 29 - 2018 August 30

    ACI’s 17th Vessel Efficiency and Fuel Management Summit will be the best place to identify priority areas for international action against Global Sulphur Cap 2020 and exchange best practices in fuel management and discuss the latest developments in maritime energy-efficient technologies.

    Key topics

    • Techniques & solutions to fuel management
    • Improving fleet efficiency to improve ROI and latest fuel emission technology updates
    • Ship-owners panel: Current and future challenges in shipping regulations
    • Preparedness of oil suppliers with the new regulations being effective
    • Maritime future summit: Big Data and automation
    • Understanding the need for alternative fuels
    • Green propulsion – Is LNG the answer? Alternative fuel options
    • Data-driven insights for identifying opportunities and implementing sustainable fuel efficiency initiatives

    Delegates will be drawn from ship owners & ship managers, chartering companies and include CEOs, COOs, Managing Directors, General Managers, Vice-Presidents, as well as:

    • Fleet Directors/ Fleet Managers
    • Technical Directors/ Technical Managers
    • New Buildings Directors and Managers
    • Superintendents
    • Operations Directors/ Managers
    • Ports/ Port Authorities

    The Summit will also be attended by Marine Equipment Manufacturers, Marine Solution providers and fuel suppliers showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies.

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