• Ports 4.0 Conference

    Dates:   2018 May 17 - 2018 May 17

    Supported by Port of Tallinn
    In cooperation with the Estonian Maritime Academy

    Digitalization is a process that affects every industry. The maritime sector will not be an exception. Discover everything there is to know about the topic and what challenges and opportunities it brings for the maritime industry.

    The Baltic Ports Organization, Port of Tallinn and the Estonian Maritime Academy invite everyone to the first edition of Ports 4.0 Conference. The event will take place at the premises of the Estonian Maritime Academy in Tallinn, Estonia.

    Topic highlights:

    • Are we ready? – The maritime sector’s state of preparation for the digital era
    • Blockchain – gateway to the digitalization of the maritime industry
    • Value through digitalization – creating new services & enhancing existing business models
    • Cyber-security – a new reality for smart port development
    • Defining the digitalization process for ports
    • ◦ How should the ports handle the digitalization process?
    • ◦ What does it mean for semi-sized and smaller ports?
    • ◦ Narrowing down the task and the step by step process
    • ◦ Is there a universal approach to handling these process in ports?

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