• European LNG Conference

    Dates:   2018 October 18 - 2018 October 19

    The European LNG Conference will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Every year the world LNG market further develops. Its growth is pushed by economic conditions and constraints in the environment.

    The first forecasts for the development of the industry assumed rapid growth, however, despite waiting for cardinal changes, this will not happen quickly.

    Of course, to accelerate the pace of development, in any industry, competitors must unite their forces.

    Participants of the event will devote two days to the joint solution of problems and the prospect of improving the supply chain, offering their ideas to solve real problems in planning, development, and safety.

    Key Practical Learning Points:

    • Recent changes in the European LNG market and its future
    • Current trends in the organization of bunkering infrastructure
    • Modernization or creation of a vessel on LNG?
    • How to ensure the growing volume of LNG consumption
    • Small-scale LNG production – new small revolution?
    • Future in designing and building LNG carriers
    • Floating terminals and FLNG - detailed analysis
    • New policies and requirements in environmental regulations

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