• Small-Mid Scale LNG Summit

    Dates:   2018 October 3 - 2018 October 3

    Small-Mid Scale LNG Summit is a value-driven international event providing leading information on LNG projects and market developments. It gathers a select group of executives and industry experts from around the word for a comprehensive look at the latest innovations and best practices for leading businesses across the value chain. Between intensive sessions, this closed-door Summit offers unrivalled opportunities for networking and making strategic connections that evolve into extended collaboration. It’s the perfect place to learn more about the global LNG sector and make business deals with key players in the industry.

    Event organisers, Wisdom Events, brings together key industry players for discussions addressing strategic approach, technical solutions and commercial concerns as it pertains to LNG operations in its scaled-down form.

    Esteemed speakers will exchange ideas and opinions on automatisation and digitalisation. They will also delve into debates on the growth of LNG demand drivers affecting it, highlighting the impact of political, economic and environmental changes. Other topics of import will also be brought into focus. The speaker list includes experts, representing such companies like Novatek, WorleyParsons, Sofregaz, Dunkerque LNG, Fosmax LNG and many more.

    Key topics of the conference

    • The role of natural gas in rapidly growing energy demand. Along with the rising LNG consumption, especially in China, India and new market entrants. Why do policymakers increasingly choose natural gas instead of other energy sources? How to become even more attractive to policymakers?
    • What are the main drivers for industry companies to invest in innovative technological solutions? Is the industry automated enough? How to encourage digitalization?
    • How to use opportunities of emission reduction policies and increase gas consumption even more?
    • How long will expanding LNG importer markets absorb supply growth? Main indicators of LNG demand growth: policies, FSRU, SSLNG, transport and decreasing domestic gas production.
    • Changes in LNG trade. How contracts are becoming more and more favourable for buyers. The outlook for future contracts. Flexible, short-term, lower volume contract advantages for buyers and sellers.
    • Reflection on the past several years of impressive LNG market growth. Will this market be able to keep up the rapid growth in the future?
    • How are investors choosing projects? Are policymakers and regulations influential in deciding which project will be viable?
    • The outlook for the global export market. Impact of political, economic and environmental changes.

    For more information, please visit https://www.gasevent.com/