• 22nd Ballast Water Management Conference

    Dates:   2019 February 27 - 2019 February 28

    ACI’s 22nd Ballast Water Management Conference will focus on the following questions:

    • What’s next following Entry Into Force?
    • When is the deadline to Comply with regulations?
    • How to Plan BWMS integration & Prevent operational failures?

    100+ Ballast water industry professionals will come together to unravel the international ballast regulation mesh, discuss successful system installations, share solution driven case studies to handle technical and operational failures and create resilient ballast water treatment strategies.

    Due to time implications and various regulation changes many questions are unanswered:

    • How will type approval affect the deadlines for compliance?
    • What current options are available for the ship-owners?
    • How are suppliers going to guarantee the systems meet requirements for both IMO & UGSC?

    All these questions would be answered at ACI’s 22nd Ballast Water Management Conference will provide essential, expert guidance to shipowner/operators on how to prepare for and manage the BWT Systems in terms of selection, installation and technical operations in accordance with the compliances. It would provide an ideal platform for industry leading researchers, technology developers, industrial players and supply chain partners to converge. Bringing the pioneers together the conference aims to promote the methodologies, exchange of ideas and the way forward to commercialisation.

    Key topics:

    • What are the IMO’s plans to support the global enforcement of BWM convention?
    • Productivity, Compliancy & Selection Criteria of BWM Solutions – Right for their Fleets
    • Implementation picture, beyond approving BWM plans? – Perspectives from all the Stakeholders (Regulators, Ship – Owners & Service Providers)
    • What elements to consider when developing retrofit and new build strategies?
    • Operability, Maintenance & Lifecycle Issues of BWM System
    • CBT Training | Guaranteeing Crew Competence – For Effective Systems Operation, Maintenance & Upgrades

    Event speakers:

    Salil Kumar, Deputy Director – Technical, MMS Company Ltd. (Singapore)

    Afzal Machingal, Manager – Engineering & Technology, Eaglestar Marine (S) Pte Ltd

    Kiran Shet, Senior Project Manager, Maersk Tankers

    Kapil Berry, General Manager, Head of Compliance & Environmental, BW Fleet Management

    Avinash Kadam, Managing Director, ARK Marine Consultancy Pte Ltd

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