2017 March 20 16:07

New Regulations of Big Port St. Petersburg set permissible draft of 13 m taking into account the capabilities of port Bronka

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has registered RF Transport Ministry’s Order No 388 “On Approval of Compulsory Regulations of Big Port St. Petersburg”. 

According to the document, the previous Regulations (RF Transport Ministry’s Order No 311 dated 12 December 2011) have been declared to be no longer in force.

Chapter Х of the new Regulations contain revised information about technological capabilities of the seaport in the part of accommodation of vessels and about the depth in the water area of Big Port St. Petersburg. 

Thus, with the commissioning of the new deepwater port facility of MSCC Bronka, the document declares the port’s capability to accommodate larger vessels: up to 347 m in length, up to 50 m in breadth and up to 13 m in draft. 

Vessels permitted to enter the port’s inner harbor should have smaller dimension as before: length of 304 m, breadth of 40.5 m and draft of only 11 m. 

The Compulsory Regulations of Big Port St. Petersburg (Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland) describe the port, its safety provisions, the rules for the entry/departure of vessels, etc.

The document (in Russian) is available here  >>>>