2017 June 7 12:50

Delivery of major specialized equipment for Phase 3 of Vostochny Port’s coal terminal is completed

Vostochny Port JSC (Russia’s largest coal stevedore, part of the holding run by Port Management Company LLC) says the delivery of major specialized equipment for Phase 3 of Vostochny Port’s coal terminal has been completed.

Large capacity equipment of the coal terminal’s Phase 3 includes two coal stackers for making coal piles, four reclaimers for taking coal from the storage area, two два tandem wagon dampers and two shiploaders placed at Berth No 51.

“The deliveries of equipment for the coal terminal’s Phase 3 began last year, - says Anatoly Lazarev, Managing Director of Vostochny Port JSC. – Some equipment was delivered as separate components. For example, stackers and reclaimers were assembled here, on the construction site. Shiploaders were delivered by sea in the assembled condition”.

Startup-setup operations of stackers and reclaimers are nearing completion, shiploaders are undergoing necessary tests. Assembling and installation of wagon dumpers will begin upon completion of underground bunkers.

Vostochny Port JSC (Primorsky Territory) is Russia’s largest publicly available terminal equipped with wagon dumpers, conveyor systems, ship loading equipment and a unique multilevel system of magnetic separation. The terminal exports coal produced by different coal companies of Russia. In 2016 the port handled 23,5 mln t of coal, one fifth of all coal exports via Russian seaports and about  30% of coal transshipment via the ports of Russia’s Far East Basin.

Vostochny Port JSC LLC is implementing an ambitious investment project on construction of the coal terminal’s Phase 3 including the construction of the federal railway infrastructure. New terminal facilities will be put into operation in 2017 allowing for port capacity to reach 39 mln t in 2019. The coal will be delivered from Kuzbass and other coal fields of Russia.

A sole executive body of Vostochny Port JSC is Port Management Company LLC.