2017 June 16 21:49

Russia’s Federal Agency for Transport Supervision to inspect Nakhodka stevedores

Victor Olersky, Deputy Minister of Transport, head of the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, charged the head of Rostransnadzor (Federal Agency for Transport Supervision) with a task to conduct an unscheduled inspection of all companies involved in coal transshipment via the terminals of port Nakhodka. The environmental issue of Nakhodka caused by open coal transshipment via the port terminals was raised during the Direct Line with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Rostransnadzor is instructed to undertake unscheduled inspection of the activities performed by the following legal entities involved in coal transshipment at the terminals of Nakhodka seaport: Geoport LLC, Dalmormontazh CJSC, EVRAZ NMTP JSC, Port Vostochnyje Vorota - Primorsky Zavod CJSC, Attis Enterprise Company LLC, Astafyev Terminal LLC and Port Livadia LLC.