2017 July 17 11:28

RF Transport Minister: erection of Crimea Bridge arches to cause minimum interference with shipping (photo)

The operations on shipping and erection of Crimea Bridge arches will cause minimum interference with shipping in the Kerch Strait – traffic along the fairway will be suspended for no more than three days, said RF Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov having inspected the bridge construction. 

According to the press center of RF Transport Ministry, the preparations for the operations go on as scheduled. Major works at the fairway are to be completed before autumn storms begin. 

The Minister also reminded that construction and assembling works at the fairway started in summer 2016. At the same time pre-assembling of the arches began at the Kerch coast’s construction site. The support structures are supposed to be ready in the second half of August.

In the course his visit, Maxim Sokolov said: “The Crimea Bridge is more than a unique project. It is a benchmark setting a high standard for the entire transport construction both in terms of organisation of the works and in terms of work quality”.

The Minister also inspected the construction and reconstruction of Kerch-Feodosia-Belogorsk-Simferopol-Bakhchisarai-Sevastopol highway (Taurida). The 237.5-km long highway is to be completed in December 2020.