2017 July 17 12:07

Coal exports via Commercial Sea Port of Kandalaksha in HI’17 more than doubled Y-o-Y to 586,000 t

Coal exports via Commercial Sea Port of Kandalaksha (CSPK LLC, part of TALTEK Group) in HI’17 more than doubled Y-o-Y to 586,000 t.

The Company primarily attributes the growth to increased supplies of export coal in the north-western direction.

In the first half of 2017, the Company also increased the number of unloaded railcars – to 8,060 units.

According to Aleksandr Muller, the port is building up the throughput in compliance with the production plan and the development strategy of the Company. 

“The demand for Russian coal is still high in Europe. We are sure this positive dynamics will continue in the future”, he said.

Commercial Sea Port of Kandalaksha is a stevedore operator in the sea port of Kandalaksha (Murmansk Region).The port of Kandalaksha founded in 1915 on the White Sea coast is one of the three largest ports in the North of Russia’s European part. CSPK is a part of TALTEK Group from 2007.

Heating coal of TALTEK grade makes the bulk of the port’s throughput. The stevedore exports cargoes to Europe and Northern Africa. Transshipment of general cargo bound for the Arctic region is among the Company’s key activities. 

The port intended for loading ships for export of bulk and general cargo that enters the port by rail and road, as well as for the reception of goods the import direction. Commercial Sеа Роrt of Kandalaksha has an international status, on its territory there are border and customs posts.

The port has a developed infrastructure of production facilities, technological access and rail tracks, roads, storage areas for cargo both open and closed storage, and spaces for the storage of customs cargo.