2017 August 11 13:02

Hansa Heavy Lift delivers 13 modules from China to Australia for Port Pirie redevelopment project

HANSA HEAVY LIFT has transported 13 modules measuring over 147, 124 cbm from China to Australia, to  help with the redevelopment of the Nyrstar Smelter in Port Pirie, the company said in its press release. The  cargo  was  loaded  on  four  separate  voyages  at  the  Yanda Module  Yard  in  Jiangsu,   China,   with   the   largest   piece   weighing   690   metric   tonnes,   and  measuring 28 metres in length, 17 metres in width, and 26.7 metres in height.

The decks of each vessel were extended to the aft and in some cases even to the  starboard side to accommodate up to five modules per trip .


HANSA  HEAVY  LIFT  GmbH  is  the  carrier  of  choice  for  the  super  heavy  lift  900+  metric  tonnes  industry,  delivering best - in - class engineering solutions to customers,  particularly in the subsea, oil and gas, as well  as the offshore wind farm sectors. The company is a world market leader in the heavy lift business and operates a modern fleet of 16 vessels which is one of the  youngest  fleets  in  the  market.  The team  is  committed  to  quality,  reliability  and  a  customer  focused  service.