2017 August 11 15:54

‎Port of Riga cargo throughput drops 5.8% Y/Y to 19.99 million tonnes

‎Freight traffic at Latvia based Free Port of Riga in January-July 2017 fell 5.8% on the same period of 2016 to 19,990,100 tonnes, the Port Authority said.

The seven-month cargo volumes includes 7,365,200 tonnes (+5.1%), 3,549,800 tonnes of oil products (-34.4%), 380,400 tonnes (+9.2%) of wood pellets. Handling of ore decreased by 13.4% and totaled 215,700 tonnes. ‎

Container throughput in the reporting period rose by 13.8% to 245,161 TEUs. ‎

Passengers traffic jumped by 45.4% to 484,151 people, including cruise ships passengers – 57,779 people (+ 33.1%).‎
Riga, Latvia based Free Port of Riga lies on both banks of the River Daugava (Western Dvina), The port encompasses 6.348 hectares, including 13,818-meter-long quay wall with berths max depths of 16 meters and ship draft of 12.2 m. Transit cargoes account for 80 percent of overall freight traffic moved to / from the CIS countries. In 2016, the Port of Riga handled nearly 38 million tonnes of different cargoes.