2017 August 11 16:34

Port Yuzhny total throughput rose 6.4% to 25.29 million tonnes in January-July

Handling of cargo at all terminals operating at the Port of Yuzhny, Ukraine, reached 25.29 million tonnes in January-July 2017, or a 6.4% growth from last year's results, the Center for Transport Strategies said citing the state-owned Ukrainian Sea Port Authority (USPA).
There was a 13.2% decline in the segment of liquid bulk cargo to 2 million tonnes, including 149,000 tonnes (-7.8%), 786,000 tonnes of vegetable oil (+ 29.8%) and 1.12 million tonnes of chemical products (-30%).

Handling of dry bulk cargo in the reporting period increased by 8.1% to 22.54 million tonnes. The seven-month volume includes ore of all types – 12.377 million tonnes, down 5.2% y/y. Coal throughput surged 79% to 3.713 million tonnes, grain volumes rose 24.5% to 5.02 million tonnes, while chemical and mineral fertilizers plummeted by 71.2% to 277,000 tonnes. Shipments of construction cargo totaled 462,000 tonnes (15,000 tonnes in 2016), of coke – 87,000 (0 – a year earlier) and 606,000 tonnes of other dry bulk cargo.

There was a 26.7% gain in the break bulk segment to 689,000.

Container traffic volume fell to 483,000 tonnes (-9.1%), 37,057 TEUs (-16.8%) or 27,442 units (-10.8%).

In the reporting period the port saw a leap in ferrous metal volumes: to 110,000 tonnes of metal-roll (versus 6,000 tonnes in 2016) and to 91,000 tonnes of cast iron (5,000 tonnes).

State-run Yuzhny Merchant Sea Port founded in 1978 is located on the northwest coast of the Black Sea, in the ice-free Small Adzhalyksk (Grygoryivsky) estuary, 30 km northeast of Odessa. The Port is connected to the sea by a 3km-long 14-m-deep canal so pilotage service is required for inbound and outbound vessels. In 2016, throughput of Port Yuzhny shrank 19.1% to 39,29 million tonnes.