2017 September 13 17:16

Arctic shelf development to be discussed during VI Murmansk International Business Week

Murmansk Region Government hosted a meeting on organisation of the VI Murmansk International Business Week (MIBW). According to the press center of the regional government, the Organisation Committee was chaired by Aleksey Tyukavin, First Deputy Governor of the Murmansk Region.

The statement says, MIBW programme will include the meeting of the working groups of the State Commission for Arctic Development: “Social and Economic Development” and “Energy Development”. Besides, the programme will also comprise traditional international conferences: Polar Routes of the Arctic, Arctic Shelf Development: Step by Step, Mining Industry of the Barents/Euro-Arctic Region as well as a number of round-table meetings and panel discussions. Throughout the entire MIBW Murmansk will also host the Young Science of the Arctic week.

According to Elena Tikhonova, Minister of Economic Development of the Murmansk Region, the interest to participating in the MIBW activities was has been expressed by representatives of Norway, Finland, Iceland, Faeroes, Republic of Korea, Grenada, Singapore, SAR, Poland and France.
Official partners of MIBW are VTB24, MTS and Rotelecom.