2017 October 12 10:49

Motor vehicle arch of the Crimea Bridge placed between support structures in the fairway (photo)

Floating systems have delivered the motor vehicle arch of the Crimea Bridge and placed it between the support structures in the fairway by 19:30 (Moscow time) on 11 October 2017. The bridge-builders are preparing the next phase of the operation: hoist cables are being fixed to the arch. Then it will take several hours to prepare lifting equipment with the operation on lifting the arch to the design height of 35 meters to start on 12 October, says the Crimean Bridge information center.

The 5,500-tonne arch will be lifted involving 12 cable drum lifting jacks with a carrying capacity of 650 t each (total capacity – 7,800) , which  ensures the capacity margin of 30%.

Expected average hoisting speed средняя – 5 m/h.

The operation will involve 30 specialists per shift and will last for 72 hours maximum. Navigation under the bridge will resume after the arch is secured. 

Arch spans are the largest elements of the Crimea Bridge. The length of each span nears 227 meters, height at the highest point of the arch is 45 meters (or 80 m above the water surface). After installation of the arches on the fairway foundations the bridge passage height will be 35 meters and width of 185 meters to enable passage of cargo ships. 

The system designed for transportation of the arch spans consists of pontoons joined as catamarans and fitted with special deck equipment.

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