2017 November 14 16:50

Baltic Sea Ports Administration: Sea Port Portal facilitates customs procedures at the Baltic ports of Russia

Application of the “Sea Port Portal” software suite by Baltic Customs in cooperation with Big Port St. Petersburg resulted in reduction of the time for customs procedures for processing commercial ships and made it possible to facilitate information exchange under RF border checkpoint procedures, Baltic Sea Ports Administration said when answering the question of IAA PortNews.

The Baltic Customs launched the Sea Port Portal in 2016. This application is based on a ‘single window’ mode which provides a unified information platform integrating stevedores, ocean carriers and state control authorities. Big Port St. Petersburg and Passenger Port of Saint-Petersburg take part in the project.

The Sea Port Portal lets any interested entity provide and obtain information, process it and use at different stages of the technological process.

With the Sea Port Portal the port authorities are able to provide the customs and other control authorities with information about the coming calls as well as information about schedule changes, etc. Sea Port Portal offers a direct information exchange with the information system of state port control.

The Sea Port Portal lets ensure smooth logistic process and optimization of operations which results in reduction of time which goods spend at the seaport. This project contributes to competitiveness and performance of seaports in Russia through optimization of all process, emphasized the Baltic Sea Ports Administration.

As of today, 11 shipping lines and shipping agencies operating in the Baltic Customs region use the Sea Port Portal to submit pre-arrival notification of goods.

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