2018 January 12 09:44

Damietta Port throughput up 19% to 15.6 million tons in 3 years

Adm. Ayman Saleh, Chairman of Damietta Port Authority stated that indicative figures of Damietta Port Performance Report within the past 3 years showed an unprecedented increase of 635 vessels compared to the preceding 3 years, the company said in its press release.

During (2015, 2016 and 2017) Damietta Port received 7782 vessels compared to 7147 ships in (2012, 2013, 2014 ) of which 3460 were container vessels with a 14% increase.

Saleh added that DP has achieved another leap in throughput of 15.6 million tons in 3 years with a 19% increase.

The results also showed growth in total number of containers during the same 3 years by 23% with handled containers totaling 699.7 millionTEUs.

Meantime, Damietta Port Authority managed to depend more on railway transport by 66%. The number of cargo trains reached 1753 wheat trains compared to 1055 during the previous 3 years. Further 14 trains were used to transport raw sugar and 202 trains to transfer stones to the Zohr gas field. 5 trains were in service to export phosphate and another 5 trains to transfer iron. And for the first time 144 trains carried containerized goods to cities like Helwan and the 10th of Ramadan .

Thus, DP has succeeded to achieve the plan of the Transport Ministry which focuses on increasing the number of trains and maximizing the return of transportation operations in favor of the development of the railway facility.