2018 February 10 13:32

Port of Gothenburg introduced new tariff at Ro-Ro Terminal

Svenska Orient Linien AB informed its clients that Gothenburg RoRo Terminal has introduced a new tariff to cover “Height adjustment of landing legs”. This involves a fee of SEK 400 for the adjustment of trailer support (landing)  legs and will be charged if these supports do not give a ground clearance of at least 125cm.

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic region with 11,000 visits by vessels each year. One-third of Swedish foreign trade passes through the Port of Gothenburg as well as 65 per cent of all container traffic. This is the only port in Sweden with the capacity to receive the world's largest container vessels and has the broadest range of shipping routes within and outside Europe. The 26 rail shuttles that depart each day mean that companies throughout Sweden and Norway have a direct, environmentally smart link to the largest port in the Nordic region. The Port of Gothenburg has terminals for oil, cars, ro-ro, containers and passengers.