2018 April 16 17:35

Coco Vroon steps down as Managing Director of Vroon

In respect of the main terms of the financial-restructuring plans of Vroon Group, Coco Vroon has decided to step down as Managing Director of the Company, Vroon said in its press release.
As shareholder, the new phase being entered by the Company affords him the opportunity to devote more time to the long-term development of the Company.

Coco will leave his position per end-April 2018. He will remain closely involved and aims to continue creating value for the Group.
Herman Marks, who has worked with the Company for many years, latterly in the role of CFO (Chief Financial Officer), will assume Coco’s role. As CEO (Chief Executive Officer), Herman will lead the restructuring process. Jan-Piet Baars and Rob Grool will remain in their positions as Commercial Director and Director Fleet Management, respectively. A new CFO will be sought to complete the Board of Directors.