2018 May 16 15:22

Arctia is looking into construction of second LNG-powered icebreaker (photo release)

Arctia Ltd., state operator of icebreakers in Finland, is looking into construction of the second LNG-powered icebreaker, IAA PortNews correspondent cites Arctia Communications Manager Eero Hokkanen. According to him, the first dual-fuel icebreaker Polaris has proved to be a success but construction of more icebreakers running on LNG is challenged amid insufficient infrastructure for LNG bunkering.

Master of IB Polaris says the icebreaker is fuelled with LNG in Tornio through truck-to-ship bunkering. According to him, the icebreaker demonstrates higher maneuverability when running on diesel fuel.

IB Polaris, the first LNG powered icebreaker, photo by IAA PortNews (с)