2018 June 12 12:04

Van Oord installs first jacket foundation on the East Anglia ONE project

On 9 June, Van Oord finished installing the first jacket foundation on the East Anglia ONE project. ScottishPower Renewables commissioned Van Oord to function as lead contractor responsible for transport and installation of the offshore wind turbine foundations, including logistics and deployment of the equipment, the company said in its press release.

The wind farm’s 102 three-legged jacket foundations will be installed at depths of down to 55 m in the southern North Sea. East Anglia ONE will have the largest number of three-legged foundations ever installed in a wind farm.

The East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm is located 45 km southeast of the town of Lowestoft, UK. Its 102 Siemens 7MW wind turbines will ultimately deliver a total of 714 MW. Once the wind farm becomes operational in 2020, it will supply green energy to 500,000 households.