2018 July 11 09:54

Construction of a bridge across the Volga river in the Samara region obtains state expert approval

Russia’s General Board of State Expert Review (Glavgosexpertiza) has considered the project on construction of a bridge across the Volga river with an access to highway М-5 Ural. According to Glavgosexpertiza, the bridge construction near the settlement of Klimovka will be performed at the first phase of Center-Povolzhye-Ural route construction. 

Having examined the submitted documentation, the experts came to the conclusion that the results of engineering surveys and design documentation comply with the requirements of technical regulations and other requirements, and the design documentation is in line with the results of performed engineering survey.

The project has thus obtained an approval of Glavgosexpertiza. 

The construction works will be financed by the Samara Region Government.