2018 July 11 10:22

Vostochny Port exported 12.3 million tonnes of coal in HI’2018, up 5% Y-o-Y

AO Vostochny Port, operator of Russia’s largest dedicated coal port (run by Port Management Company, PMC LLC) says it handled 12.3 million tonnes of export coal in January-June 2018, up 5%, year-on-year (vs 11.6 million tonnes of coal handed in 6M’17). According to company, it is an absolute record achieved throughout its history.

Between January and June 2018, Vostochny Port unloaded 161,400 open-top railcars with innovative railcars (railcars of increased capacity) accounting for 78% (up 19 percent points). As compared with 93,700 open-top railcars handled in January-June 2017 this result grew by 59%. In June 2018 the company handled 27,000 open-top railcars (+2%, year-on-year).

In the reporting period, the company loaded 288 dry bulk cargo carriers of different capacity including 93 Panamax ships (32%) and 28 Capesize ships (10%). In 6M’17  the company handled 24 Capesize ships (9%).

On April 6, Vostochny Port achieved a record of daily unloading — 1,117 open-top railcars (82,800 tonnes of coal) having exceeded the norm of Russian Railways (1,070 units) and its own record achieved earlier (1,096 units).  

During six months the company exported coal to S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. Most of coal was dispatched to S. Korea (36%).