2018 December 6 11:54

BashVolgotanker carried 1.8 million tonnes of oil products in navigation season of 2018, flat Y-o-Y

ZAO Shipping Company “BashVolgotanker” says it carried 1.8 million tonnes of oil products in the navigation season of 2018 (April-November), which is flat, year-on-year.

BashVolgotanker says that was the first navigation under long-term contract with Rosneft. For that purpose, the company performed a large-scale modernization of its fleet in compliance international conventions and technical regulations.

Oil was shipped from the Mid-Volga ports, Samara, Saratov and Ufa. More than a half of shipments involved ATB units.

The bulk of cargo was shipped from the berths of Bashneft’s Ufa refineries. That cargo was shipped to the ports of Saint-Petersburg and Kavkas. 

Shipping Company “BashVolgotanker” was set up in 1948 in Ufa and reorganized into a joint stock company in 1996. 99.9% of its shares are held by OJSC Volgotanker. The company's fleet consists of ATB units, tankers of mixed sea/river navigation and a harbor transshipment facilities. Apart from oil cargo transportation, BashVolgotanker offers services o transshipment of dark oil products, towing of ships, stripping of tankers, chartering out of ships.