2018 December 6 14:47

Shipboard equipment localization center encourages shipbuilders to scale up their activities in info-field

Shipboard equipment localization center established by CNII Kurs calls on equipment manufacturers to become more active in signing up and entering information about their equipment, says CNII Kurs.

Shipboard equipment localization center was established by CNII Kurs with a purpose to improve competitiveness and quality of shipboard equipment in order to decrease dependence on imported equipment through increasing the share of domestic equipment in ships being desined, built, repaired and upgraded.

One of the key tasks of the Center is to create and promote a dedicated portal for a shipbuilding industry with a unified e-system of shipboard equipment. Through an e-catalogue it offers information about domestic manufacturers and speciafications of their equipment intended for shipbuilding and  imports substitution. 

Internet portal with an open access has been launched at Its full version will be available in the end of 2018. Apart from the e-catalogues of companies and equipment, it offers numerous services like a forum, personal account, news, parameter search and search of alternatives, list of available measures of state support.