2019 February 8 11:45

Cheboksary reservoir to be developed to the mark of 63 meters - Federal Water Resources Agency

Cheboksary reservoir will be developed to the mark of 63 meters, Vadim Nikanorov, Acting Head of the Federal Water Resources Agency, said in his interview with IAA PortNews.

The need for that development was confirmed at the meeting held by RF Government in October 2018 with the support expressed at the meeting of RF Government’s Marine Board dedicated to construction of Nizhegorodsky hydraulic system. 

Cheboksary reservoir was created in 1982. It is the second largest reservoir in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Its total storage capacity is 4.60 cubic kilometers, active storage capacity – 0.81 cubic kilometers. The length of Cheboksary reservoir is 294 km, maximum width ‒ 10 km, average depth– 4.2 m, maximum depth – 21 m. Shore line – 2,431 km.

Full interview in Russian will be published in the anniversary issue of Hydrotechnika magazine (No1 2019).

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