2019 August 13 15:59

Rosmorport to select a shipyard for contract award for construction of an 18 MW icebreaker for freezing seaports in the Far East

FSUE Rosmorport invites bidders to an open e-tendering process for contract award. The contract is “Construction of An Icebreaking Vessel with a Capacity of 18 MW of Icebreaker7 Class to Ensure Year-Round Operation of the Freezing Seaports of the Far Eastern Basin”, says the official website of the Unified Information System for Procurement.

The contract initial (maximum) price is RUB 7 549 241 400. The shipbuilding project will be funded through the federal budget.

Deadline for submission of tenders by shipbuilding companies is September 3, 2019.

Shipyard: is determined by the results of an open e-tendering process.
Vessel delivery place: at the berth of the shipyard.
Contract completion date: September 30, 2024.