2020 January 15 10:55

Admiral Essen frigate of RF Navy’s Black Sea Fleet conducted air defense training in Mediterranean Sea

The crew of the Black Sea Fleet frigate "Admiral Essen", performing tasks as part of the permanent group of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea, conducted air defense training, says press center of RF Defence Ministry.

According to the plan of the exercise, the frigate's air defense system tracked the launch of cruise missiles by the mock enemy's aircraft when approaching the ship at sea.

The crew of the ship's air defense worked out the algorithm of actions to reflect the means of air attack of the mock enemy.

During the training, the ship's combat information post crew detected and classified mock targets, and the air defense crew successfully destroyed them when approaching mock air targets at a distance of destruction with electronic launches.

The "Admiral Essen" frigate has been performing its tasks as part of the Russian Navy's permanent group in the Mediterranean since December 2019.