2020 January 27 14:24

Royal Navy to present exclusive updates on NavyX at Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology 2020

Senior representatives from the Royal Navy show their support and will be speaking at the Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology Conference in London, this May, SMi Group reports.

Last year, it was announced that robots and autonomous mine-hunters are set to revolutionise Royal Navy operations after the Defence Secretary announced a £75million injection into pioneering new technology.

The increase in funding will be allocated to two new mine-hunter vessels with cutting-edge sonars to enable remote mine-hunting at higher range, speed and accuracy in the Gulf, as well as a new joint military and industry hi-tech accelerator, NavyX. *

With that in mind, SMi Group’s 4th annual Unmanned Maritime Systems Technology conference will be held in London on 13th – 14th May 2020. Delegates will be briefed on the latest updates on NavyX, the Royal Navy’s new venture designed to rapidly bring autonomous systems into naval service in order to give modern navies the advantage with the current warfighting edge as well as into the future.

On day-one of the event, Captain Chris Ling, Director NavyX, Royal Navy will be presenting exclusive updates on ‘Royal Navy Unmanned Systems: NavyX Update’, covering NavyX aim and objectives; Current projects; Future activities and aspirations to accelerate the introduction of autonomous systems into the RN.

This year’s agenda features several high-level planners from international navies, including the US, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, NATO and the Netherlands, who are set to give comprehensive briefings on unmanned platform updates, anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures, autonomy, technological innovation, and much more.