2020 February 12 11:24

TSHD Yury Maslyukov, new ship of Rosmorport, arrives in Kaliningrad

New dredging ship build by Karelia based Onezhsky Shipyard to the design of international shipbuilding group Damen has come to the port of Kaliningrad. FSUE Rosmorport says TSHD Yury Maslyukov joined its fleet in the end of 2019.

TSHD Yury Maslyukov came to Kaliningrad from Big Port St. Petersburg where it was prepared for dredging operations in the seaway canal of Kaliningrad with the planned scope of dredging exceeding 600,000 cbm of material.

TSHD Yury Maslyukov is a modern, powerful and economically efficient dredger with a hold capacity of 2,000 cbm. TSHD-2000 design is a product combining recent technological solutions and experience of accumulated while operating earlier built ships.  

Vessel particulars: LOA – 86.5 m, breadth – 16.4 m, draft – 4.65 m, maximum depth of dredging - 22 m, hold capacity – 2,000 cbm.

Aleksandr Sovershayev, captain-instructor of the new ship held a tour around the new vessel for a IAA PortNews correspondent in Saint-Petersburg.

Two years ago, at the 1st Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging Congress organized by media group PortNews in partnership with FSUE Rosmorport, Damen Shipyards Group announced the beginning of the process on localization of its production in the Russian Federation. Partnership with Onezhsky Shipyard is foreseen by the project.

Rosmorport says two earlier built ships of TSHD-2000 design, TSHD Severnaya Dvina and TSHD Beloye Morye, have been working in Kaliningrad from November 2019. Since that time they have dredged more than 146,900 cbm of material. In spring, the company’s dredging fleet will be expanded with self-propelled suction dredger named Kronshlot. In 2020, the scope of dredging works on the seaway canal will exceed 1.3 million cbm.

Learn more about the new ship at the 3rd International Congress “Dredging and Hydraulic Engineering Structures” (February 26-27, Moscow).

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