2017 August 16

12:08 HII agrees to pay $9.2 million to settle false billing allegations

2017 August 15

17:38 Zvezda shipyard will lay down first four vessels in September 2017 (photo)

2017 August 14

15:07 Severnoye Design Bureau participated in the meeting of Subgroup on Shipbuilding

2017 August 11

15:34 LSV Elbrus leaves Severnaya Verf Shipyard for final acceptance trials in the North

2017 August 10

17:52 Okskaya Shipyard launches second 21270-series fast crew supply “John of Kronstadt”

2017 August 4

14:26 Balakovskiy Shipyard handed over RSD60 dry cargo ship "Yediniy" to customer
13:36 Okskaya Shipyard slated launching of second 21270-series FCS John of Kronstadt for Aug 10

2017 August 3

11:09 Severnaya Verf Shipyard prepares LSV Elbrus for further test voyage in the North (photo)

2017 August 1

11:20 Russian Navy accepts delivery of two 23040-series boats from ZNT Yard

2017 July 31

11:24 United Shipbuilding Corp's SNSZ Shipyard starts outfitting the Aleksandrit-class minesweeper Ivan Antonov

2017 July 28

17:14 Admiralteiskie Verfi lays down two submarines of Project 636.3, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Vokhov (photo)
15:05 Amursky shipyard moves corvette Gromky (Project 20380) to outfitting dock (photo)
09:52 Arctech Helsinki Shipyard lays down icebreaking tanker for Greek ship owner

2017 July 27

17:28 Pella Shipyard launches tugboat RB-369 of Project 16609 built for RF Navy

2017 July 26

15:34 Okskaya Shipyard launches multi-purpose diving catamaran of Project SDS18, Igor Ilyin (photo)

2017 July 25

18:00 Krasnoye Sormovo delivers two chemical tankers of Project RST27 to shipping company Volgotrans (photo)
12:58 Lotus Shipyard to launch cruise ship of Project PV300VD in April 2018 (photo)

2017 July 22

14:22 French shipyard holds naming ceremony for new French icebreaker L’Astrolabe

2017 July 21

14:06 Far East Crab Catchers Association: world’s first ship dedicated for crab catching can be designed and built in Russia
13:40 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard launches chemical carrier Balt Flot 16 of Project RST27М for BF Tanker

2017 July 19

14:15 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard to launch chemical carrier of Project RST27М built for BF Tanker on July 21 (photo)
10:14 Shipyard Pella (Leningrad Region) will launch missile craft of Project 22800, Uragan, on July 29 (photo)

2017 July 18

17:32 Vympel Shipyard delivers third Grachonok-class boat of Project 21980 (photo)
13:54 Yaroslavsky shipyard to deliver Yaroslavets-M boat of Project 02220 to Russia’s FSB (photo)

2017 July 17

14:44 Nobel Brothers Shipyard launches second oil barge of Project ROB07 for JSC Lena United River Shipping Company (photo)
14:23 GAO calls for changes to improve post-delivery process and ship quality

2017 July 14

14:48 Okskaya Sudoverf continues deliveries of floating pontoons for the enterprises of RF Defense Ministry

2017 July 13

17:51 Zelenodolsk shipyard lays down two high-speed passenger ships of Project А145Е designed by Agat Design Bureau LLC for UAE
12:42 Blount Boats, EBDG contracted to design and build new passenger ferry for NYC Governors Island

2017 July 12

16:44 Damen delegation continues to forge Australian connections for SEA 1180 OPV Programme
16:24 Vladimir Putin orders to postpone delivery of nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika to 2019

2017 July 11

13:47 Metal Shark introduces new Swamp Shark propulsion system
13:24 GTT receives order from Hudong Zhonghua to design tanks of four LNG carriers
11:48 Port Autonome de Papeete orders a Damen ASD Tug 2810 for Tahiti

2017 July 10

15:11 Bakker Sliedrecht to deliver electrical power plant for world’s most powerful cutter suction dredger
13:17 Fincantieri holds steel cutting for 3rd Carnival Cruise Line's VISTA class cruise ship
10:49 USC and Peace Boat sign letter of intent to build Ecoship by 2020 (photo)

2017 July 9

11:47 NYPD awards Vigor contract for fifth Response Boat - Medium C

2017 July 7

17:24 Balakovsky Shipyard commissions lead dry cargo carrier of Project RSD60 built for Vega Shipping Company (photo)
13:44 Mainprize Offshore takes delivery of a windfarm support vessel from AMC
11:49 Vyborg Shipyard launches second 22 MW icebreaker of project IBSV01, Andrey Vilkitsky (photo)

2017 July 6

15:34 BAE Systems wins Type 26 Global Combat Ship contract from UK MoD

2017 July 5

17:37 Damen secures Aqualiner contract for four Waterbus 2407 vessels
10:10 HII awarded USS Columbus submarine contract mod

2017 July 4

13:19 Austal launches 50-metre high speed passenger ferry in Philippines
10:53 Austal delivers second high-speed ferry to 2GO Philippines

2017 July 3

14:50 Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant launches yet another seagoing tug of project 23470 (photo)
13:28 IAA PortNews offers a photo release from the ceremony of launching dry cargo vessel Pola Sevastiana at Nevsky Shipyard

2017 June 30

16:46 Severnaya Verf launches corvette Gremyashchy of Project 20385 (photo)
15:50 Technical readiness of diesel-electric icebreaker Viktor Chernomyrdin is 55%
13:34 Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard fulfilled contracts on construction and delivery of tankers to CMS

2017 June 29

15:22 Nevsky Shipyard launches dry cargo vessel of Project RSD 49, Pola Sevastiana (photo)
11:38 Amursky Shipyard lays down two freight/passenger rail ferries for Sakhalin

2017 June 28

16:58 Admiralteiskie Verfi shipyard and RF Navy to sign contract for construction of two more diesel-electric submarines of Project 677 ‘Lada’
16:34 USC President believes it is realistic to build Leader icebreaker by 2025

2017 June 27

17:52 Vympel Shipyard launches fourth Grachonok-class boat of Project 21980
11:15 NIBULON launches the last tugboat in a series of three vessels of Project 121M

2017 June 19

11:58 Construction of three LNG vessels for Containerships is progressing at Wenchong Shipyard, Guangzhou

2017 June 16

13:45 Okskaya Sudoverf to build new pontoon park for RF Ministry of Defense
10:01 Pella shipyard, Eridan and Strelets sign contracts for construction of two medium-sized refrigerator trawlers