2017 August 14

09:33 Audax GONDAN delivered AUDAX, its third dual fuel tug

2017 July 27

17:28 Pella Shipyard launches tugboat RB-369 of Project 16609 built for RF Navy

2017 July 10

16:16 GONDAN delivered PAX, its second dual fuel tug
15:30 PORT FLEET tugboats took part in river carnival in Saint-Petersburg (photo)

2017 July 3

14:50 Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant launches yet another seagoing tug of project 23470 (photo)

2017 June 27

11:15 NIBULON launches the last tugboat in a series of three vessels of Project 121M

2017 June 23

14:15 Baltic Sea Tug Agency performed its first operation on towing and mooring of oil tanker at Ust-Luga port (photo)

2017 May 29

11:36 Gondán announces delivery of first European-built dual-fuel tug

2017 May 18

10:47 Nevsky Shipyard transfers Arc 5 rescue tug Beysug from a boathouse to an open slipway (photo)

2017 April 26

16:29 Port fleet of Baltic Sea Tug Agency (Ust-Luga port) expanded with two new tugboats (photo)

2017 March 20

11:39 NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard is building three tugs of a new project (121M) with the capacity of 1200 hp each

2016 December 30

16:29 Launching of lead tug of Project 234700 is a milestone event for CDB Baltsudoproekt

2016 December 28

15:19 Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant launches lead seagoing tug of project 23470 (photo)

2016 December 6

18:02 Pella shipyard launches tugboat of Project 16609 built for RF Defence Ministry (photo)

2016 November 16

15:20 Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot takes delivery of lead firefighting tugboat of Project TG-17 (photo)

2016 November 15

15:29 TOS Bunkering Company and Damen sign agreement on construction and delivery of four tug boats

2016 October 26

15:47 Pella shipyard (Leningrad Region) launches rescue tugboat of Project 02980 for RF Navy (photo)
11:23 GTsKB Rechflota completes concept design of 600 kW shallow-draught pusher tug (graphics)

2016 September 30

15:55 Okskaya Shipyard starts sea trials of firefighting tugboat Penai, Project TG-17 (photo)

2016 September 9

17:45 Okskaya Shipyard launches firefighting tugboat of Project TG-17 built for Rosmorrechflot’s Marine Rescue Service (photo)

2016 September 1

10:01 New tugboat of Project 02980 being built at Pella shipyard named Polar Convoy (photo)

2016 August 1

10:26 Pella shipyard (Leningrad Region) delivers rescue tugboat SB-123 (photo)

2016 July 19

11:28 Rescue tugboat SB-121 built by Pella shipyard (Leningrad Region) completed state tests (photo)

2016 July 18

10:28 Cruiser Aurora returned to her permanent mooring place in Saint-Petersburg (photo)

2016 July 15

13:10 Towing of cruiser Aurora to her mooring place in Saint-Petersburg will be performed by three tugboats of Port Fleet CJSC (photo)

2016 May 16

13:19 Icebreaking tugboat Pur left Murmansk for Sabetta

2016 April 20

11:22 Icebreaking tugboat Pur left Novorossiysk for Murmansk

2016 April 12

16:05 New icebreaking tugboat Pur built for port Sabetta will arrive in Murmansk in May 2016

2016 April 4

15:59 Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association delivers third tugboat of Project 35 (photo)

2016 March 18

16:06 Tugboat Petergof of PORT FLEET CJSC redeployed to MSCC Bronka (photo)

2016 March 14

15:45 Tugboat Aleksandr Solzhenitsin put into operation at commercial seaport of Magadan (photo)

2016 March 11

15:06 Nevsky Shipyard has laid the keels of 2 multipurpose salvage vessels (photo)

2016 March 10

17:20 Gazprom Neft Shelf extends its fleet for Prirazlomnoye field with tugboat Aleut (photo)
15:57 Tugboats of Project 02980 built for RF Navy’s Baltic Fleet commence state trials (photo)

2016 February 23

11:02 Damen delivers its first hybrid tug boat to the Royal Netherlands Navy (photo)

2016 February 19

11:48 RF flag hoisted onboard tugboat Ural of Vostochny Port JSC (photo)

2016 February 15

10:43 Pella shipyard delivers tugboat Afalina (Project 16609) built for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet (photo)

2016 February 11

17:11 Craneship will build icebreaking tugboat of Project Т40105 for FSUE Atomflot

2016 January 20

16:48 PORT FLEET CJSC puts into operation two tugboats, Moshchny and Vikhrevoi (photo)

2016 January 19

17:47 Ice-class tugboat Pur for port Sabetta launched in Temryuk (photo)

2015 December 21

10:26 Vostochny Port JSC expands its port fleet with new tugboat (photo)

2015 December 18

12:19 Pella Shipyard completes mooring and sea trials of tugboat MB-97 (photo)

2015 December 3

13:43 Damen signs licence agreement with Great Lakes Shipyard to build two Damen Stan Tugs 1907 ICE (photo)

2015 November 30

09:52 Second rescue tugboat of Project 02980 built by Pella shipyard for RF Navy delivered to Kronshtadt (photo)

2015 November 24

13:55 Pella shipyard completes state trials of tugboat Afalina (Project 16609) built for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet (photo)

2015 November 20

16:45 Rescue tugboat of Project 02980 built by Pella shipyard for RF Navy arrives in Kronshtadt (photo)

2015 October 30

17:35 Pella Shipyard launches tugboat RB-367 of Project 16609 built for RF Navy (photo)

2015 October 27

12:58 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard delivers last tug of project 81 (photo)

2015 October 13

17:16 SAAM SMIT Towage signs contract for Damen ASD Tug 2913 at Offshore Energy 2015
14:58 Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association delivers lead tugboat of Project 35 (photo)

2015 September 24

13:29 Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard delivers fifth tug of project 81 (photo)

2015 September 23

10:14 Damen to build four ice class tugs under RS supervision (photo)

2015 September 22

15:29 New tugboat to join Vostochny Port’s fleet in early 2016
10:18 Towmar Baltic UAB renews its fleet with two new Damen ASD Tugs 2810

2015 September 21

18:00 Damen is set to develop building LNG, CNG and hybrid tugs
17:01 CNIIMF says requirements specified for ports’ towage services are out-of-date
15:49 Participants of International Conference “Advanced port fleet - the basis of safety” visit tugboat Lookman built by Damen (photo)
14:57 Russia’s major suppliers of tugboats are Damen, Pella and Craneship, RS says

2015 September 11

18:11 Okskaya shipyard lays down head multi-functional rescue tugboat of project TG17 for Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot (graphics)

2015 August 27

15:01 Russian customers got 159 tugboats over 15-year period (photo)