RF Government

2018 October 12

09:33 RF Government approves plan for modernization and expansion of core infrastructure

2018 October 4

14:14 RF Government approves signing of concession agreement on construction of Lavna terminal

2018 September 5

16:34 RF Government approves draft Agreement on Prevention of Unregulated High Seas Fishing in Arctic Ocean's Central Part

2018 August 30

13:19 Yury Borisov appointed as head of RF Government’s Marine Board

2018 August 3

17:48 Marina Dedyushko appointed as Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East
17:03 Sergey Tyrtsev appointed as First Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East

2018 June 20

10:00 RF Government expands the list of publicly funded projects in seaports and on IWW of Russia

2018 May 29

10:24 Dmitry Medvedev signs order to use the best available technologies for coal transshipment in ports

2018 May 7

15:00 RF Government retires following inauguration of Russian President

2018 May 3

14:50 Programme of state support to construction of fishing ships extended by RF Government through 2019

2018 April 11

17:50 RF Government submits report on development of inland water transport and maritime activities over recent 6 years

2018 April 9

17:37 RF Government’s Decree to eliminate administrative barriers and legal restraints for implementation of MariNet’s roadmap
11:43 Budget allocations for design and construction of North Pole ice-resistant self-propelled platform to total RUB 6,966.6 million (document)

2017 November 30

11:48 Yury Gordeyev appointed as Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation (photo)

2017 October 24

09:49 RF Government approves Rules for non-discriminatory access to natural monopolies’ services at seaports

2017 October 17

15:16 RF Government instructed to ensure construction of freight-passenger ship to link Komandorskiye Islands, Kurils and Kamchatka

2017 September 29

11:04 Federal Targeted Programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System in 2010–2020 extended through 2021 (document)

2017 August 25

11:33 RF Government amends the method to determine the length of fishing ships (document)

2017 August 21

13:33 RF President gives instructions for allocation of RUB 100 bln in 2017 to modernize BAM and Transsib infrastructure

2017 July 11

10:53 Sovcomflot carried about 20 mln t of Russian oil in winter period of this year’s Arctic navigation (photo)

2017 June 14

14:22 RF Government names candidates for the Board of Sovcomflot

2017 May 2

11:21 RF Government approves rules for subsidizing companies acquiring and building new civil ships (document)

2017 April 21

17:15 Bill on transit cargo transportation supported by RF Government with some comments and proposals

2017 March 27

11:14 Amended Water Code of Russia will require no water use agreements for operation of facilities at seaports

2017 February 15

11:59 State share in Sovcomflot to be reduced to 25% by 2019 (document)

2017 February 13

10:10 Victor Basargin appointed as head of Russia’s Federal Agency for Transport Supervision (photo)

2016 February 10

09:37 Victor Olersky takes up a post of Deputy Minister of Transport – Head of Federal Marine and River Transport Agency

2016 February 3

09:59 Vladimir Putin approves handing over of State Border Agency’s functions to RF Ministry of Transport

2015 November 11

13:30 Putin tells RF Government to develop plan for ordering Russian fishing ships from domestic shipyards

2015 November 9

12:01 RF Government to submit law on federal and regional IWW to State Duma
10:19 RF Government expands limits of port Vysotsk through inclusion of land for LNG terminal

2015 November 2

11:30 RF Government establishes limits of port Sevastopol (Crimea)

2015 October 21

16:47 Rosmorrechflot to be defined as concedent in respect of port infrastructure facilities (document)

2015 October 16

14:47 Revised State Programme on development of shipbuilding for offshore projects till 2030 put up for discussion

2015 October 14

12:18 Sergei Saritsky appointed as Acting Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Transport Supervision (photo)
09:12 Yevgeny Ditrikh appointed as First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

2015 October 7

11:28 RF Government revises requirements on the use of small size vessels in seaports

2015 September 10

13:30 RF Prime Minister signs Decree on FAS powers related to natural monopolies’ activities

2015 September 8

14:49 New RF Government Decree to ban ordering ships from foreign shipyards if they can be built in Russia

2015 August 13

14:20 Russian Security Council says new Maritime Doctrine keeps its goal of strengthening Russia’s position among leading maritime nations

2015 August 11

14:40 Draft law submitted to State Duma is aimed at changing procedures for appointment of federal agencies’ deputy heads

2015 June 8

18:10 Amendments introduced into Federal Special-Purpose Programme on port Taman and Kerch Strait crossing

2015 April 14

14:20 Drafting of Uniform Arctic Bill should be considered, Dmitry Rogozin says

2015 April 1

15:31 Dmitry Medvedev orders to resume budgetary allocations for designing of port in Pionersky (Kaliningrad)

2015 March 23

11:11 Dmitry Rogozin heads newly set up state commission on Arctic development issues (document)

2015 February 2

11:50 Draft amendments into federal special-purpose programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System (2010-2020) to undergo public discussions

2015 January 30

12:13 RF Government approves candidates for Boards of Directors of NCSP and MSC

2015 January 28

17:16 RF Government sets forth priority measures to ensure sustainable economic development and social stability in 2015

2015 January 26

09:43 Prime Minister of Russia signs Decree on moving Arkhangelsk seaport’s boundaries

2014 December 4

12:20 RF Government approves increased standards for annual IWW maintenance expenses up to RUB 18 by 2018

2014 November 26

13:26 RF Gvt publishes draft State Programme on introduction of gas engine equipment with water transport subprogramme

2014 October 16

18:03 RF Gvt introduces amendments into federal programme “Development of Marine Civil Facilities in 2009–2016” (document)

2014 September 2

09:30 RF Government publishes draft decree on construction of Kerch Strait bridge

2014 August 22

12:22 Russia abandons its ‘golden share’ in Murmansk Commercial Seaport