2017 December 5

09:59 RF Ministry of Industry and Trade allocates RUB 1.240 bln for Vympel Shipyard to build 3 Kometa-type vessels for Crimea

2017 September 13

12:06 Igor Zakharov appointed as Transport Minister of Crimea (photo)

2017 August 9

13:28 Alexander Rybak named as interim Transport Minister of Crimea

2017 May 29

09:40 Cruise liner Knyaz’ Vladimir set sail for test voyage (photo)

2017 February 15

10:48 FAS is inspecting “Crimea Seaports” and “Sevastopol Seaport”

2016 December 22

09:43 Regular cruise service will link Crimea with Sochi, Novorossiysk and Istanbul in 2017 – Victor Olersky

2016 November 28

12:44 Zaliv shipyard (Kerch, Crimea) will repair freight/passenger ferry Krym (photo)

2016 November 21

09:40 Zaliv shipyard (Kerch, Crimea) lays down hydrographic survey vessel of Project 19910 (photo)

2016 October 11

17:00 RF Government suggests including inland and territorial waters along Crimea coast into FEZ (document)

2016 September 15

17:50 Vladimir Putin says Kerch Strait bridge will ensure Crimea’s full integration into the general national transport system (photo)

2016 September 14

17:38 RF Transport Minister says Kerch Strait ferry link demonstrates 25-pct increase of freight and passenger traffic

2016 August 24

13:27 Yuri Semenov takes the helm of state-owned Crimean Sea Ports

2016 August 3

09:31 Anatoly Volkov appointed as Transport Minister of Crimea

2016 July 29

11:06 RF Government issues a Decree on signing a concession agreement with Tamanneftegas (document)

2016 July 26

16:10 Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov visited shipyard in Kerch in course of his working trip to Crimea

2016 July 22

16:09 Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu arrived in Crimea

2016 June 28

16:58 Crimea Bridge designers enhance protection of the bridge support structures (graphics)
14:58 Passenger traffic of Kerch ferry service will grow by 25-30% in 2016, says Crimea’s Transport Minister

2016 June 23

17:21 Kerch Strait to be temporarily closed to shipping in August 2017
13:03 Investments in transport infrastructure in Crimea to rise 30% in 2016, official says (photo)

2016 June 17

17:14 EU extends sanctions against Crimea and Sevastopol by one year

2016 June 9

11:55 Installation of bridge spans commenced at Kerch Strait construction site (photo)

2016 May 30

13:52 Foundation of Kerch Strait bridge already numbers over 1,000 piles (photo)

2016 May 17

11:51 Construction of support structures for Kerch Strait bridge commenced at its sea sections (photo)

2016 May 4

11:51 Keel-laying of 22800-series missile boat at Morye Shipyard slated for May 10

2016 April 21

16:43 Kerch Bridge to be put into operation in December 2019, the project customer says (photo)

2016 April 13

13:22 Seaports of Crimea handled 9.6 mln t of cargo in 2015

2016 March 10

17:49 SUE Crimean Sea Ports is headed by Valery Mestulov (photo)

2015 December 1

09:12 Russia introduced additional controls at ports over Russia-Turkey situation

2015 November 16

09:43 Crimea based shipyard Morye reconstructed into FSUE Shipyard Morye

2015 November 2

11:30 RF Government establishes limits of port Sevastopol (Crimea)

2015 October 12

09:56 Russia’s PM signs Decree on transfer of Shipyard Morye (Crimea) to federal ownership

2015 August 20

18:21 Resources allocated for construction of railway ramp to be redirected to ferry berth at Kerch service

2015 August 18

15:21 Rescue boats BL-820 joins fleet of State Inspectorate for Small Vessels in Sudak and Yevpatoriya (photo)

2015 August 7

17:18 Vladimir Avramenko appointed Head of Crimea Customs (photo)

2015 July 31

13:51 Shipyard Morye (Crimea) to sign contract worth RUB 2.7 bln, says Crimean PM (photo)

2015 July 17

11:53 Russian Gov't OKs rate regulation rules for water-borne transport between the ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Krai

2015 July 15

18:18 Vladimir Putin formally dissolves the Ministry of Crimea

2015 July 3

12:59 Pella Shipyard (Leningrad region) to invest RUB 500 mln into Crimean shipyard Morye

2015 June 30

18:20 Design documentation for Kerch bridge submitted to Glavgosekspertiza

2015 June 26

13:50 Basic assets of Crimean ports are depreciated by 99.3%, says SEU Crimean Sea Ports

2015 June 25

10:46 Deadline for licensing of passenger transportation by water transport in Crimea postponed till September 1

2015 June 19

12:55 Development concept of port Sevastopol to be presented in late June 2015
12:11 Crimean Government considers proposals on acquisition of Feodosia port

2015 May 25

14:07 Head of Crimea promises up to 10 ferryboats to operate at Kerch Strait this summer

2015 May 6

15:41 Dmitry Medvedev orders taking measures for faster handling of ferryboats at Novorossiysk-Crimea route

2015 April 30

14:47 Draft Rules for shipping between ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Territory brought up for public discussion

2015 April 27

18:05 Capacity of ferry service to Crimea to triple this year, PM Dmitry Medvedev says

2015 April 14

17:30 Capacity of Kerch ferry service increased 40-50%, Transport Minister of Crimea

2015 April 13

12:40 State Duma passes Bill on state regulation of tariffs for transportation between ports of Crimea and Krasnodar Territory

2015 April 6

11:49 Dmitry Rogozin promises loading of Crimean shipyards in the nearest future (photo)

2015 March 30

12:26 Andrei Bezsalov, ex-Director of Ust-Luga Container Terminal, appointed Transport Minister of Crimea

2015 March 24

13:31 RUB 5.5 billion to be invested into development of port Feodosia (Crimea) within 3 years

2015 March 23

09:05 ANO UTD claims payment from Marine Directorate and Transport Ministry of Crimea to settle the debt to ferry Ionas (photo)

2015 March 20

09:35 Dozens of berths in Crimea operate outside legal environment, Gosmorrechnadzor says

2015 March 18

15:48 Port charges in Crimea make the peninsula ports uncompetitive as compared with mainland ports
15:26 RF Border Service’s ban threatens functioning of port Kerch, Crimea representative says

2015 March 11

11:16 Transport Ministry of Crimea set to deploy more vessels on the Kerch ferry line

2015 March 6

15:19 Transport officials agreed on access roads to the future Kerch crossing

2015 February 25

12:59 Cruise ship Adriana starts operating at Yalta-Istanbul-Yalta line from April 2015