2017 June 7

18:23 The GloBallast Story publication outlines key achievements of GloBallast Partnerships Programme

2017 May 31

11:30 MAN Rollo to deliver two MAN diesel engines for pilot vessel Luna

2017 May 19

13:40 Oil Spill Conference held in Long Beach, United States on 15-18 May

2017 May 5

13:19 Russia acknowledges IMO as the only international regulator of shipping – Victor Olersky (photo)

2017 May 2

17:31 BWM Convention entry into force discussed at dedicated conference in Singapore
16:18 Seminar dedicated to development of PRFs for sewage in Baltic ports held in Denmark

2017 April 28

14:51 IMO arranged a series of national workshops focused on biofouling

2017 April 26

12:38 Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg spent RUB 3.6 mln for implementation of the ecological programme in QI’2017

2017 April 24

14:50 IMO in China to share policies and regulations update
13:41 Belgium accedes to oil pollution response treaty

2017 April 19

09:38 Caspian Sea States cooperate on pollution response

2017 April 12

15:49 Vostochny Port begins implementation of annual Eco-marathon project

2017 March 31

11:57 Environmental investments of Murmansk Commercial Seaport surged 9 times from 2012 to RUB 340 mln in 2016

2017 March 28

17:24 Successful project to address marine bio-invasions concludes

2017 March 27

10:30 UN targets and regional cooperation discussed in the Baltic Sea Day in Russia

2017 March 24

12:32 World Maritime University and UN Environment step up cooperation to achieve Sustainable Development Goals
10:49 Guam’s oil spill recovery capacity significantly improved

2017 March 23

12:55 Heading towards the 2020 sulphur limit highlighted during maritime industry events in Denmark

2017 March 13

11:30 Vostochny Port boosts water supply to coal terminals

2017 March 6

14:28 Train-the-trainer course on energy-efficient ship operation was held in India last week

2017 February 16

16:05 Vostochny Port to allocate up to RUB 300 mln for wind protection facilities in 2017 (photo)
10:43 New Mariner’s Guide in Canada's ports aims to reduce threats to species at risk

2017 February 8

12:12 Torvald Klaveness selects ABB’s OCTOPUS marine software to help comply with environmental regulations

2017 February 7

12:18 Team members from Port of Ipswich and Ipswich Haven Marina joined forces with local community to clean up waterfront area

2017 February 2

12:45 Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg increased spendings for ecology by 1.8 times

2017 February 1

12:38 European Parliament calls for rapid action to protect the region (photo)

2017 January 30

17:32 Russia and Finland agree to continue studying of black carbon emissions in the Arctic

2017 January 20

09:54 0.5% sulphur cap implementation on agenda at 4th session of PPR

2017 January 18

12:08 Successful cooperation for safe sea transport of oil told in new exhibition

2017 January 9

14:30 Green Ship 2017, a seminar on Environmental Shipping Industry, will be held in Mumbai on 7th April, 2017

2016 December 22

12:12 Murmansk Commercial Seaport puts into operation mobile dust suppression units (photo)

2016 December 19

15:54 EU to take regional action on ship emissions if IMO fails to act by 2021

2016 December 16

17:05 Danish opposition parties call on Government to stop beaching of Maersk vessels

2016 December 2

17:16 Murmansk Commercial Seaport tests dust suppression system in winter conditions (photo)

2016 December 1

13:40 Port Vanino tested new dust suppression system (photo)

2016 November 10

11:45 Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg increased the environmental investments

2016 November 9

12:54 HELCOM State and Conservation Working Group convenes in Tallinn

2016 November 8

09:19 IBIA says global sulphur cap could create bunker market ‘winners and losers’

2016 November 7

10:47 IMO’s efforts to promote environmentally sound shipping recognized with ‘Lloyd’s Register Outstanding Contribution to Ship Efficiency' award

2016 November 3

17:04 IMO to consider phasing in designated fuel sampling point for verifying MARPOL compliance
12:50 MEPC 70 approves IMO ‘roadmap’ for GHG reduction strategy

2016 October 27

11:00 Clean-up of toxic waste site Krasnyi Bor discussed by HELCOM

2016 October 19

16:49 New HELCOM assessment on networks of marine protected areas

2016 October 6

16:33 Pollution response on Baltic shores gets refined
16:07 Rapid fall in SOx emissions observed at the HELCOM meeting in Tallinn

2016 September 26

15:29 Murmansk Commercial Seaport puts into operation four new portal cranes and several loaders (photo)

2016 August 14

18:15 NOAA: Atlantic hurricane season still expected to be strongest since 2012

2016 August 1

17:20 In the 1st half of 2016 Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg increased expenses for environment
11:11 Malaysia and Singapore jointly conduct exercise to tackle a chemical spill at sea

2016 July 26

13:37 Sovcomflot receives Port of Long Beach environmental award

2016 July 20

16:51 Employees of OJSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” took part in the environmental campaign at the Kanonerskiy island

2016 July 11

12:23 Gazprom develops innovative product for oil spill cleanup

2016 June 6

10:16 Shipping must prepare for stricter black carbon emission regulations: Finns improve the reliability of international measurement techniques (photo)

2016 June 1

15:02 Port of Tallinn and CLIA organised an environmental seminar on board the cruise ship AIDAmar

2016 May 26

10:40 Compliance with Tier III Standard is not safe, not efficient at economy mode, results in higher CO2 emissions – expert opinion

2016 April 21

14:42 Project to clean up the Kola Bay coastline off disposed vessels under way

2015 December 14

16:19 Murmansk Commercial Seaport doubles environmental allocations to RUB 200 mln in 2015

2015 November 10

12:37 Implementation of environmental programme by Sea port of Saint-Petersburg

2015 September 29

15:39 General Contractor on port Sabetta development fined for nonpayment of pollution charges

2015 September 24

12:21 Lamor says Gazprom Neft Shelf to get its Arctic skimmer Sternmax this year (photo)